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LittlePlanet Kidscafe Rules

Supervision is mandatory.
Parents and guardians are responsible for their children at all times. LittlePlanet Kidscafe is not liable for any property damage or personal injury.

Please accompany your child to the nursing room, otherwise your child can be locked up in the room alone.

Please sanitize hands before entering the indoor playground and wash hands thoroughly after every nursing room visit.

Outside food or drink is not permitted in our facility because of the allergic problem. Infants' foods and bottles may be brought in. But you have to let us know.

No food and drink is allowed in the indoor playground.

Food and drink must be kept on or near the tables.

Chocking Hazards
Small toys are dangerous for young children, especially those under 3 years of age, Please watch carefully when your child play with small toys.

Please hand all toys have been mouthed by your child to our staff.

Please keep sick children at home. Children with contagious illnesses of any kind including fevers, rashes or infections are not permitted.

Immediately inform staff of any spills in order to ensure a clean and sanitized area.

Running and rough play are not permitted. Children who hurt others will be asked to leave with their parents or guardians.

We wish you and your child have a good time in our little planet!

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